Jesus and nature: Teachers of Faith by the Rev. Sara Olson-Smith
Jesus often turned to the natural world in teaching, opening our eyes to see creation not just as something to be cared for, but as our teacher and kindred. It is no mistake that Jesus, who lovingly spoke of soil and plants, was thought to be a gardener that first Easter morning. This three-session Bible study will shift our perspectives and allow nature to be our teacher, through the words of Jesus and other parts of Scripture. The trees, the soil and the creatures will offer us new perspectives on the character of God and challenge us to deepen our stewardship of God’s precious creation.

September 2022, Session 1: “Trees,” will tap into Biblical images of trees and explore why planting and protecting trees is important, while rooting us in models of interdependence and mutuality. View the video supplement | Download a PDF of Session 1

October 2022, Session 2: “Soil,” will dig deeply into the parable of the soil (otherwise known as the parable of the seed, Matthew 13) and other Biblical accounts that relate to care for this part of creation, while looking at models of growth that involve wholeness and wellness. View the video supplement | Download a PDF of Session 2

November 2022, Session 3: “Creatures,” offers us an opportunity to observe and learn about God from birds, foxes, sheep, dogs and other animals, while considering habitat protection, food justice and the model of trust. View the video supplement | Download a PDF of Session 3