Help create a safer world for kids.

Did you know that the number of children and teens killed by gunfire in the United States increased 50 percent between 2019 and 2021, and that gun violence became the leading cause of death for U.S. children and teens in 2020?

The statistics are devastating.

At times, imagining a world free of gun violence can seem futile. We may feel powerless to make a difference. But by getting involved in gun-safety activities in our congregations and communities, we may begin to envision a world that is safer for our children. Let’s take the first step together. Consider these ideas:


Women of the ELCA sets aside the first Sunday in May as Rachel’s Day—a day to remember the loss of children to gun violence and to renounce the forces of violence and fear. Share Rachel’s Day resources and learn how to work within your community and congregation to combat gun violence. The ELCA offers “A 60-Day Journey Toward Justice in a Culture of Gun Violence.” This resource includes prayers, tips on how to discuss gun violence prevention, links to resources and more (


About one-third of American children live in homes with firearms, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. To decrease the risk of gun injury and death, experts recommend gun owners lock up guns and store them separately from bullets. Also, parents or guardians should ask if there is an unlocked gun where their child plays. If the answer is yes, ask if it can be secured.


Email or visit your members of Congress to advocate for gun safety and sensible gun laws. ELCA Advocacy offers tips and ideas to help get you started (