by the Rev. Katie Hines-Shah

For summer 2022, participants will enjoy a three-session Bible study that uses the concept of quilting to explore rest, renewal and Christian community. We’ll discuss Old and New Testament readings as we consider the patterns we follow and how the pieces of our lives and communities are bound together in Christ. While no actual sewing experience is required to complete the study, participants can opt to create a quilting project as a lasting reminder of their time together.

June 2022, Session 1: “A summer of rest and renewal,” focuses on choosing patterns and re-assessing the shape of our lives. We find life-giving patterns in worship, sabbath and service. View the June 2022 video supplement.

July 2022, Session 2: “Quilt cutting and piecing,” explores how our lives and Christian communities come together into a cohesive whole, including people of all shapes and sizes, abilities and talents. View the July 2022 video supplement .

August 2022, Session 3: “Ties that bind,” examines how God invites us to commit to a new way of life with God and with each other. View the August 2022 video supplement

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