We are committed and dedicated to Act Boldly with Balance. We know that balance comes when we are in harmony with God and one another. It is our hope and prayer that this Bible study will provide you with information and inspiration on how to Act Boldly with Balance,” authors Sue Ann and Ron Glusenkamp write in the introduction to this three-session study.

In a “multi-tasking” world, how can we practice “uni-tasking” (that is, “there is need of only one thing,” in Luke 10:42). Note that “uni-task” is a new word, making its debut in this June issue of Lutheran Woman Today. It could also be solo-tasking or mono-tasking, or maybe, in recognition of our Reformation heritage, sola–tasking, but what we are trying to lift up is the challenge between the many voices that urge us to multi-task and do more and more, and the simple “there is need of only one thing” that Jesus tells us.

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