Gather’s past summer Bible studies

Thank you for your interest in Gather’s summer Bible studies!

Each summer we make these studies available for free in order to provide a resource for those unfamiliar with the work of Gather. If you enjoy these studies, you can make a tax-deductible contribution to the publishing ministry of Women of the ELCA on our website here.

The studies below are free for subscribers to Gather’s free e-newsletter to download and print for use individually or as a group.

Summer 2005: “Act boldly” by Sarah S. Heinrich

Summer 2006: “Act boldly for health” by Sue Ann and Ron Glusenkamp

Summer 2008: “Come to the waters” by Karen G. Bockelman

Summer 2009: “Mary—A woman for all seasons” by Christa von Zychlin

Summer 2010: “Pray always” by Gladys G. Moore

Summer 2011: “Renew! Respond! Rejoice!” By Catherine Malotky and David Engelstad

Summer 2012: “Travels with Jacob” by Julie A. Kanarr

Summer 2013: “All who hunger gather gladly” by Audrey Novak Riley

Summer 2014: “Of many generations” by Diane Jacobson

Summer 2015: “No catchy slogans” by Emma Crossen

Summer 2016: “The heart of the matter” by Angela Shannon

Summer 2017: “All anew” by Kelly Fryer

Summer 2018: “Let us pray” by Anna Madsen

Summer 2019: “For just such a time as this” by Kay Ward

Summer 2020: “Just love” by Christa Compton and Gladys Moore

Summer 2021: “Just love, part 2: Just L.I.F.E. (Liberation Is For Everyone!)” by Angela T. !Khabeb

Summer 2022: “Crafted in Christ” by Katie Hines-Shah

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