Past Bible studies

Gather has a small (but growing) selection of past Bible studies available for purchase.

The purchase price of each study includes all sessions in a downloadable, printable PDF file. Your payment also gives you permission to duplicate the material for use in a group Bible study setting.

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In good company: Stories of biblical women

In this nine-session Bible study by Kay Ward, each session explores the stories of a different woman of the Bible including Hannah, Esther, Ruth, Mary and others. Learn more here.

Galatians: Christian faith and freedom

Martin Luther called Paul’s letter to the Galatians “my Katie von Bora.” This four-session Bible study by Kathryn A. Kleinhans explores Galatians in conversation with Luther. Learn more here. 

Multiple meanings: Other interpretations

Bible stories often mean different things to dif­ferent people. In this short series of four studies by Mark Allan Powell, explore some of the ways this happens and some reasons why it happens. Learn more here.

The Apostles’ Creed

This three-session study by Julia Seymour takes a look at the Apostles’ Creed, its history and how it and other creeds help shape our faith. Learn more here.

Christian citizenship 101

In this four-session Bible study by Phyllis Kersten and Louise Williams, we’ll discover more about the church in Philippi and its founding, the challenges it faced and the context of some of the book of Philippians’ most beloved passages. Learn more here. 

When God’s not fair

In this three-session study by Meghan Johnston Aelabouni, explore the stories of Jonah, the Prodigal Son and the conversion of Paul, and what it means to believe in a merciful, compassionate, slow-to-anger God. Learn more here.

Slow faith

A life redeemed by God moves at the speed of redemption: day by day, moment by moment. This three-session study by Liv Larson Andrews examines what we can learn from Scripture about the pace of our lives. Learn more here.

Transforming life and faith

In this nine session study by Carol Schersten LaHurd, we will meet biblical characters who find themselves transformed in both the Old and New Testaments, including Acts of the Apostles and insights in Paul’s letters to the Christians at Corinth and Rome. Learn more here. 

Gathered by God

From beginning to end, the Bible testifies that the God who gathers is the same God who is present with us. Throughout this nine session study by Audrey West, explore some of the reasons or purposes for which we are “Gathered by God.” Learn more here.

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