Throughout John’s Gospel, Jesus engages people in honest and sometimes difficult conversations that lead to faith, renewal and transformation. Over the course of this four-session study by Julie A. Kanarr, we will meet Jesus through his interactions with various characters within the gospel. Their conversations beckon us to explore and grow in faith.

The Rev. Julie A. Kanarr serves as pastor of Christ Lutheran Church in Belfair, Washington. An avid outdoorsperson, she enjoys sea kayaking, bicycling, hiking and camping.

Session one: Come and see: Seeking and finding faith

In this session, we meet John the Baptist, who bears witness to Jesus. As the circle of Jesus’ disciples grows, we share in the invitation to “come and see.” At the wedding in Cana and during the cleansing of the temple, we reflect on how the character of God is revealed in Jesus.

Session two: By night and day: Coming to faith in Jesus

In this session, we meet Nicodemus, who comes to Jesus at night with questions of faith. We meet the Samaritan woman who talks with Jesus in the middle of the day about religious practice. We meet a royal official who seeks healing for his dying son and a paralyzed man who has waited 38 years for healing. We sit with the crowd that is fed by Jesus and struggles to understand his teaching, chewing on Jesus’ words, “I am the bread of life.”

Session three: Friends for life in Christ

In this session, we meet a woman caught in adultery, a man born blind, and Jesus’ friends Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Through their stories, we come to see how Jesus meets us with mercy, healing and hope in the face of judgment, rejection and grief. We share in Jesus’ final conversation with his disciples before his arrest, where he shows us his love and prays for us.

Session four: Seeing the risen Christ

In this final session, we encounter the Risen Christ through his appearances to Mary Magdalene, Peter, the Beloved Disciple,and Thomas. We reflect on how the risen Christ remains present among us, blessing us and inviting us to come and see and to live in his name.