Note to subscribers: The September session of “No Hard Feelings?” contained an inaccurate description of Psalm 44:1-8 on p. 24. An updated, printable PDF is available for subscribers here.

This September, October and November, we will study selections of Old Testament poetry from Job, Psalms, Lamentations and Song of Solomon. Drawing from the experiences of these ancient writers, we will learn to look for God for help in stewarding our deep emotions, finding hope and grace along the way.

September: The angst of anger         

October: The ache of grief

November: Stewarding the gift of joy

This series will be presented by the Rev. Dr. Anna Madsen. Anna is a freelance theologian and proud mama to daughter, Else, and son, Karl. She works with OMG: Center for Theological Conversation ( and enjoys seeing the occasional moose and bear in their woods.

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